Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart

Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow


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Silverburn is a shopping centre on the south side of Glasgow, adjacent to the M77 Motorway.

The shopping Centre has a distinctive and elegant form utilising modern structural techniques to help create a building that will grace the Glasgow skyline for many years. Stuart McTaggart is delighted to have assisted in the evolution and design of this prestigious development.

The Silverburn Shopping Centre has over 1,000,000 sq ft of retail space. The structure consists of a 10,000 tonne steel framed building, curved in plan and two/three storeys high. It has a dynamic sculptured roof profile that is illuminated at night, dramatically highlighting the roof shape and the supporting complex steelwork frame. Cascading glazed feature stairs link the mall to the elevated levels of the multi-storey car park.

4500 car parking spaces are provided for customers visiting Silverburn; 1975 in the multi-storey car park and over 2500 at 'grade'. The multi-storey car park combines a post tensioned concrete frame with a 30m clear span steel frame to facilitate integrated servicing for the shopping centre at ground level below.

Foundations consisted of reinforced concrete foundations, bearing directly on shallow underlying rock strata, in combination with foundations supported by over 6000 piles driven to the deeper rock profile providing the support to both the car park and mall structure.

The site preparation works involved the utilisation of 300,000m3 of site won material in the re-graded 24 hectare site. To allow the full use of existing site won materials, the earthworks included the use of ground improvement techniques to ensure minimal off site material movement, providing an economic solution to site preparation and in addition, significantly reducing the environmental impact of vehicular movements on the locale.

The site preparation works also included mineral stabilisation of old mine workings partly underlying the site and infilling and stabilisation of three mineshafts.

Flood control measures were incorporated into the Project to allow construction to proceed on what was previously a flood plain. The surface water was treated prior to discharge into the adjacent Camlachie Burn utilising a combination of SUDS systems to allow controlled discharge into the Burn.


  • The provision of full Civil, Environmental and Structural Engineering design services
  • The design, monitoring and validation of site re-grading and remediation works

Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart