Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart

Silverburn Multi Storey Car Park


Retail Property Holdings Limited / Dunne Construction


5 level multi storey car park with 16m long x 7.5m wide clear spans to efficiently accommodate 1975 car parking spaces.

75% of the structure is a reinforced concrete frame with 150mm post tensioned slab spanning between post tensioned beams. In-situ reinforced columns and shear walls provide vertical support and lateral stability to the frame.

The remaining 25% of the structure is a braced steel frame that includes two 30m span, 2 storey high trusses. These trusses provide clear access for goods vehicles to one of the shopping centre service yards below.

Two spiral entry / exit ramps formed using pre-cast and in-situ reinforced concrete provide quick and easy access to the parking bays at all levels.

Link bridges at each end of the structure provide access to the Silverburn Centre.

Pre-cast concrete piles with reinforced concrete pile caps and ground beams form the foundations to the structure.


  • Provision of full Civil and Structural design services with the exception of the post tensioned concrete elements. This service was provided by specialist consultants, Structural Systems.

Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart