Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart



Private Developer


A modern contemporary retail development with three stories of retail space plus an additional six stories of car parking constructed on the derelict site of a former department store.

An existing basement was extended in depth to create the required clear headroom desired to facilitate leisure use.

The building is designed as a reinforced concrete and steelwork hybrid structure. Full flexibility was included within the design of the floor plates to accommodate the later introduction of escalators and individual lifts within a combination of possible retail spaces that allowed for horizontal and vertical split of the units.

This development was the first in Scotland to adopt a polymer slurry in lieu of bentonite as part of the bored cast in place concrete piling system. The polymer was collected local to each pile and recycled within small settlement and dosing tanks thus substantially reducing the area sterilised from construction around each pile location. The polymer is also an environmentally friendly alternative to bentonite clay slurries.

In order to maximise usable space a double figure of eight helix was developed to provide access from ground level to the car park above the retail space. The car park ramps are cleverly disguised behind a retained sandstone facade.


  • Provision of full Civil and Structural design services

Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart