Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart

Film City, Govan Town Hall, Glasgow


Glasgow City Council


Redevelopment and refurbishment of existing Victorian building to create a Hi-tech media centre which includes a Dolby Cinema.

The project involved the demolition of existing central core to create space for new 2 storey braced steel frame incorporating a Dolby Cinema. The Cinema and other sound recording rooms were provided with isolated twin slab acoustic floors to help prevent transmission of noise and vibration.

The new frame was supported off mini piles, pilecaps and ground beams.

The remainder of the building was subject to varying degrees of alteration and refurbishment including the formation of new lift and stair cores, the infill of existing stairs, formation of major structural openings and creation of new service routes.


  • Provision of full Structural design services

Stuart McTaggart
Stuart McTaggart